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Shoutin' out to my PWF peeps!! I hope all is well with everyone. Miss y'all! -Jami/Ben
In between expansions is slow, so nothing much happening right now. Several of us are playing Overwatch at the moment until the expansion comes out.
copper whats the pop like on bonechewer?
i still check up on you guys from time to time but nothing much lately

I know some of you guys don't like Trial of Valor, but I dig the Helya fight with the waves crashing in from the sea and the mobs all over the place.  Haven't seen a fight like that before.

She's down, and now we strive to clear it in heroic before Nighthold comes by in a couple of weeks.

Remember to finish your suramar quests everyone!  Word is you need to do that before being able to get into Nighthold.


Impicus PWF is amazing!!!!

Oh Hello!

Copper a posted Nov 5, 16

You might have noticed the severe lack of updates to the site.  If fact, it appears as if we stopped playing after MOP.  Surprise!!  Not only did we complete Warlords of Draenor, but we're 4/7 bosses in Heroic Emerald Nightmare.

Someday, the lazy webmaster will update our gallery to include all the new boss kills.

In the mean time, know that PWF is still alive and well for our 10th year in existence and from my informal poll, everyone seems to be enjoying the new expansion.

See you in Azeroth!



Power Word Funk welcomed members of Grace into our ranks during July.  Slingshot, Papasmerf, Moonkissed, Babs, Xandall, Olan, and Gametime. 

We're back!

Copper a posted Dec 11, 14

The new expansion is here and the excitement has brought both new and old faces together.  While we welcomed newcomers Halfy and Shamandrew, Warlords of Draenor also saw the return of Dumpface, Ozzi, Notaspi, Quintrell, Polyphemus, and Taeran.

It's been great having everyone together again.  I look forward to crushing all this content together.


Oh look!  A ranged DPS!  Brazzlon is more of a pvper, so if you're looking for an arena partner, check him out. 

Welcome Giddle and Mirima

Copper a posted May 23, 13
Two new members join our ranks.  Please welcome Giggle and Mirima when you see them.

Welcome Junezerg

Copper a posted May 12, 13
Power Word Funk welcomes Junezerg to our ranks.  Junezerg is from California and raided back in vanilla and BC.  We look forward to seeing what he can do.
PWF welcomes its newest members, Rocuronium and Depreazy.  Rocu is our newest member of our growing East coast family (New York) while Depreazy is an old time member who has started playing the game again.
Please give them a hearty hello and introduce yourselves when you see them in game.
Searges Welcome welcome new members!
Nae has made several awesome videos but you cant help but smile when watching this one.  Well done, Nae!
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