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About Us

Mission Statement

"To experience everything in World of Warcraft with people we like."
Our mission statement is simple. Executing it, not so much. While many guilds might succeed in one area, they often don't succeed for long without some elements of both progression and community. Power Word Funk strives to reach a balance between the two.


Power Word Funk was formed on March 13, 2006 when two of Bonechewer's original guilds, Alliance Super Soldiers and Jedi of Funk, merged. The leadership of the previous guilds (Aureneur, Fantastic, Moagatron, Cezar, Brinna, and Copper) formed Power Word Funk's first ever GM Council.
Originally self-classified as a "casual guild", the merger brought about much needed numbers of like-minded players serious about raiding. Together the new guild pushed into and conquered early raid encounters like 40 man Onyxia and Molten Core.
Though the guild got off to a great start, it was not without its share of drama. Like other new guilds just getting started, the grass proved greener elsewhere for many people and PWF struggled due to attrition. Members new and old came and went. Raid leaders burned out or were replaced. Even the leadership underwent many overhauls. Through it all, though, PWF would slowly come to realize our identity.
Those hard lessons learned helped PWF weather many more storms.  Our experiences have helped form the foundation of one of the oldest running active guilds on the server. 
Today, the guild is thriving.  We have a nice mix of new players and players who have been with the guild for several years.  We have extremely knowledgeable players and those players who are just fun to be around.  Though we're far from perfect, we've proven that what we've built here was built to last.


Power Word Funk has three democratically elected Guild Masters, each serving nine month, staggered terms. Every three months a new GM is elected, replacing the GM finishing out his/her nine month term.
The current GMs are:
Others who have served the Funk as GM are Aurenuer, Fantastic, Moagatron, Cezar, Brinna, Copper (3 terms), Dumpface, Ozzi, Jeepo, Arvalia, Darilde, Appetizer, Venrick, Shaylar (3 terms), Corynn (2 terms), Bashere, Notaspi and Searges.

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Have a question or comment?  Whisper one of the GMs mentioned above on the Bonechewer server or send us an email using the form below.
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Power Word Funk
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